El-Sadat to the Conscience Front: Get back to El-Shater and ask him where his conscience stands from the blood that was spilled!

Muhammad Anwar El-Sadat (head of the Reform and Development Party) demanded the National Conscience Front to invoke their conscience first and to tell us who was primarily responsible for the blood that was spilled, and who deserves to be asked and tried because of it. If they want to be the conscience then they have to prove to us that this is not just a new product coming from the MBs market of innovations to tarnish the image of the Egyptian opposition.

 El-Sadat pointed that the Conscience Front which was planned by Khayrat El-Shater and his brotherhood to be a parallel for the Salvation Front will not be able to have any share of the Egyptian street simply because it is a new play orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and an indirect attempt to find advocacy groups dressed up as opposition. He further added that it is enough what we have of conflicts and fronts that keep forming every day.

 We do not need fronts for national conscience because the lawful and the unlawful are stark clear. What we need are ideas, visions and solutions that represent a real value-added.

 Mostafa Jibreel 
 Media Coordinator


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