El-Sadat: The NGOs law violates freedom of practice and association! I demand the president to delay it!

Anwar El-Sadat (Board Member of the General Federation of NGOs) expressed his utter objection on the draft NGOs law proposed by the current government demanding President Muhammad Morsi and the majority party to postpone and not to discuss this law since it is a violation of freedom of association and a restriction on the work and activities of local and international associations and institutions.

 In addition to that it does not take into account the growing role played by the civil society and the inevitability of its participation in any future laws that concern them since they are an integral component of the development process in Egypt.

 El-Sadat expressed his surprise at the issuance of this important law by the government at this time in view of the current Shura Council after he spoke a lot about its temporary role in legislation until the PA elections. Besides that there are priorities for other important legislations that should be on top of the agenda of the Council's work at the moment.

The Human Rights Committee of the previous Parliament which was headed by El-Sadat had conducted several hearing sessions for the civil society organizations.

 They also organized workshops in conjunction with the Ministry of Insurance and Social Affairs to come out with a balanced law that would guarantee the freedom of association, free exercise of civil work, and allows the international organizations to operate without restrictions under the framework of the law and state sovereignty.

 Mostafa Jibreel 
Media Coordinator


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