El-Sadat: The Legislations' machine of the MBs has got to stop until the Parliament is convened

 Anwar El-Sadat, Head of the Reform and Development Party, confirmed that the fears he once expressed from delegating the legislative authority to the Shura Council turned into analarming fact after the Supreme Constitutional Court ruled that the first law to emerge from the Council (the parliamentary elections law) is unconstitutional.

 El-Sadat called for stopping the legislations' machine of the Shura Council immediately until the House of Representatives is convened, after they proved that the council lacks the ability to do the legislation task as it should. He stressed that giving it this task in the first place was a serious breach of fair opportunity as well as a breach of the rules of justice in the field of political practice.

This is because one-third of the council members came by appointment of the head of the executive authority who belongs to the same political trend that dominated the Constituent Assembly and is now dominating the Shura Council. He further added that the observations of the Constitutional Court on the electoral law pertain also to many elastic articles of the Constitution which are the main reason of our differences today.

 This confirms that the role of the Shura Council (according to its name) is justadvisory, as for the legislative role it must be stopped! A legislative void of a month or two is surely better than wasting time inissuing wrong laws.

Mostafa Jibreel
 Media Coordinator


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