El Sadat is sending Message to President Morsy‏

Dear Dr. Mohammad Morsy

President of the Arab Republic of Egypt

I was one of those who greatly welcomed the results of the recent presidential elections that brought your success as the president of the republic and the first president to be legitimately elected through elections that were based on principles and rules that we all accepted. The results came out to reflect the will of the people who, for the first time, were able to choose their president through fair elections that were hailed by the whole world. After the elections we all felt that we were really embarking on a new stage through which we will achieve the dreams and aspirations of all the Egyptians who have thirsted so long for a better life. We never questioned your intentions nor doubted them in any way.

Like many others I dealt with the reality in all due respect and love for all. I kept an open mind that wanted nothing for Egypt but revival, advancement and stability in view of this delicate situation through which our country is going. It is obvious that the Brotherhood, just like the opposition, were not ready or qualified to rule. They did not succeed in containing the rest of the political powers or the revolution youth or at least in engaging them during the transitional phase.

Allow me, Mr. President to talk with an open heart without exceeding any limits or resorting to any offenses since this is neither my manners nor my style. The time for skepticism and loud voices has long since gone!

Egypt is now collapsing with all its institutions, and the majority of people feel that they want quick relief and change. The state of the country is getting worse day after day and your consultants and aides have all vanished from around you. Believe me, Mr. President, no national dialogues or consoling decisions will work today! The roof of the demands has gone so high and the people's backs are to the wall. Disobedience is spreading like a plague from one governorate to the other and whatever solutions you might come up with I think they are late. It is not just the polls alone that bring legitimacy and livelihoods to nations but also respecting the law, the constitution and the various views of the opposition powers. So with full respect and appreciation to your person and your legitimacy I ask you to take a decision that will be recorded for you in history to preserve the future of the nation and the interests of Egypt. Even if some ministries, departments or bodies are reluctant to cooperate with you, this is after all your responsibility and destiny.

I ask you to conduct early presidential elections after the completion of the parliamentary elections. You can call for it yourself and if there is a desire from the people to have you back this will be a great honor and you will let the whole, history and the Egyptians bow to you in respect for this respectable action. I am so full of confidence that you will do nothing but what serves the interest of Egypt and the Egyptians, because it is the vessel of the nations and the hopes of the people.

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat


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