El-Sadat: Fahmy's structure for the human rights council is nothing but courtesies and some errors

Anwar El-Sadat (head of the Reform and Development Party) described the new structure of the National Council for Human Rights as being defective and mere courtesies for personal friendships.

 He added that it looks more now like a ceremony tart that was prepared by Dr. Ahmed Fahmy (Speaker of the Shura Council) and distributed over his loved ones without any share for the youth.

 El-Sadat pointed that it would have been more important to have the youth at the top of the list since they are supposedly more capable to understand the pulse of the street and end the violence.

 They are also fully aware of the requirements of the protesters and their ideas besides having the efficiency that allows them to calm the anger.

 But to divide the roles in this way is a deliberate political exclusion for the youth and total loss of reference which is supposed to be the basis of the Council's duties.

 El-Sadat noted that the appointments of Dr. Ahmed Fahmy for the Human Rights Council are based on political calculations in the first place without any regard to the experiences, competencies or youth representation. This will consequently give way to total failure on both the local and international levels.

 The Council will stand more impotent than it is already in front of the abuses and practices occurring in the Egyptian streets.

 Mostafa Jibreel
 Media Coordinator


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