El-Sadat demands a Legislation for engaging Both youth and Expertise in Running the State Institutions

Anwar El-Sadat (Head of the Reform and Development Party) sent an important proposal today to the presidency requesting the prevention of giving any person above 55 years a leading or executive position in the government whether ministers, governors or others. Side by side with that special bodies can be formed to include those whose assistance is requested (who are above 55 years) like people with expertise, capabilities and people of wisdom in order to make way for the youth to hold senior positions in the government.

El-Sadat confirmed that what Egypt is experiencing nowadays indicates that there are youth who have visions, thoughts and new aspirations at the time when the successive crises we're going through reflect clearly the failure to contain these youth or to communicate with them. Hence, those who run the state institutions must be from age groups that are closer to the thought of these young people to be able to recognize their aspiration and requirements

El-Sadat pointed out that experienced and talented people will not be excluded, but they will work side by side in running the institutions with the young leaders.

 He explained that the purpose of his proposal is not to question the capabilities of those who are above 55 years since he himself has surpassed this age, but the goal is to give the youth the opportunity and adequate space for enabling them to achieve real change like many countries around the world.

 Mostafa Jibreel
 Media Coordinator


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