El-Sadat: Ahmadinejad wants Egypt as an ally after the collapse of Syria with the blessings of the Muslim Brotherhood

Anwar El-Sadat (Head of the Reform and Development Party) expressed his fear from what lies beyond the current Egyptian-Iranian convergence which comes heralded by the visit of the Iranian President Ahmadinejad to Egypt, who came to attend the summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation after more than 34 years of cautious relations.

 He warned President Morsi and his government from subjecting the Egyptian political decision to the economic temptations that can be offered by Iran to Egypt at the moment.

 El-Sadat expressed his fear from transferring the experience of the Revolutionary Guards, suppressing the dissidents, the Shiite tide and the fact that Iran has ambitions in many Gulf countries, which could lead to strained relations between Egypt on one side and the Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia on the other.

Obviously, they will not welcome the existence of any relations between Egypt and Iran. The same thing applies on the secret visit that was done lately by the Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to Cairo in total obscurity and without any kind of transparency or clarity.

El-Sadat confirmed that he is not against improving the relations with Iran but he is against Iranian relations with the MBs; pointing out that after the collapse of Syria it can no longer be considered a staunch ally for Iran, hence they seek to have Egypt as an ally.

El-Sadat warned that Egypt must never become a military ally for Iran or any others keeping in mind the military, intelligence, policing and security dimensions of Egypt and being careful not to subject any of them to infiltration or change.

Mostafa Jibreel 
Media Coordinator


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