El-Sadat withdraws from the Mediation Committee and Suspends the participation of his Party in the National Dialogue

Anwar El-Sadat (Head of the Reform and Development Party) announced today his withdrawal from the membership of the mediation committee of the national dialogue and suspended the participation of his party in any future national dialogues against the backdrop of the new elections law with its clear violation to what was agreed upon in the national dialogue sessions which were sponsored by the presidential institution. El-Sadat affirmed that the electoral law allows the MPs to change their status after the elections, contrary to what was agreed upon in the national dialogue of banning any changes in the electoral status of the MP after he wins the elections.

The law also does not give a proper representation for the women in proportion to their capabilities, potential, size and presence in the society since it does not provide for including at least one woman in each candidate list to be placed in the first half of the list. In addition to all that the draft law allows the ruling party to include independent members after winning the elections which is a clear circumvention of the will of the voters.

 El-Sadat stated that producing a law in this mode ends the results of national dialogue, and makes it useless and nothing else but a waste of time.

It also gives those who refused the national dialogue full right to do so since it did not respect what was agreed, and it changes what was agreed on about the elections law for the Parliament. So what are we to expect if the issue is related to the constitutional amendments that are the basic cause of the dispute?

Mostafa Jibreel 
Media Coordinator


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