El-Sadat to Ahmad Fahmy: Your bad choices and courtesies are the cause behind the catastrophic failure of the Human Rights Council

Anwar El-Sadat, Head of the Reform and Development Party, waged a scathing attack on Dr. Ahmad Fahmy, Head of the Shura Council, being primarily responsible for the bad choices of those in charge of the Human Rights Council which is standing silent in front of the tragic events Egypt is witnessing.

 El-Sadat noted that Dr. Ahmad Fahmy's choices were mostly based on personal friendships and courtesies without any regard for experiences and competencies resulting in today's catastrophic failure on the local and international levels.

 None of the youth, their parents or the Egyptians feel that this Council has a role when it is supposed to be on top of the events particularly these days.

El-Sadat stated that Dr. Fahmy, who had a special preference for the MBs and the ones close to them, must bear the full responsibility and burden of our disappointment in the Council which was supposed to confront all the ordeals we're facing today like the abuses and practices occurring in the Egyptian street.

 They should have had a clear stance from all this by speaking with the whole world, but the Council only seems to be suffering from a cardiac arrest or a stroke.

Mostafa Jibreel 
Media Coordinator


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