El-Sadat: The Reconciliations and Settlements are now Subject of Personal Interests, I call for their Cessation till the Passing of a Specific Legislation

Anwar El-Sadat (Head of the Reform and Development Party) accused the Egyptian government of obfuscation, obscurity and lack of openness concerning the reconciliations and financial settlements carried out by the MB businessmen leaders to reconcile with symbols of the former regime inside and outside Egypt to recover the looted money.

El-Sadat noted that there are big lawyers attributed to the Islamic trend who have interests in all this and who have become centers of power through their direct relations with the presidential institution.

He also noted that these procedures are now subject to whims and personal gains. In addition he denounced not subjecting these settlements to the law and censorship, not announcing them, and not identifying the items which are the subject of the reconciliations.

He further expressed his surprise at announcing the intention of the delegation destined to carry on these settlements in London, Paris, Switzerland and New York, without revealing what is happening in other countries.

 El-Sadat confirmed that he is not against reconciliations or settlements; on the contrary he supports and encourages them but just wants to be certain. This is, after all, the right of the people because the money that was looted is theirs! Hence, these settlements and reconciliations must be ceased till the passing of an urgent legislation by the Shura Council outlining the foundations of such reconciliations.

This is not done out of any doubts or distrust but to ward off any suspicions and to close the doors on any personal interests. Mostafa Jibreel Media Coordinator


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