El-Sadat: Passing laws for demonstrations, torture, NGOs and the free flow of information is bound by the existence of a Parliament

Anwar El-Sadat, Head of the Reform and Development Party and member of the General Federation of NGOs, criticized the flow of statements that are issued by the government and the legislation management of the Ministry of Justice about enacting laws for demonstrations, torture, NGOs and the free flow of information without a societal consensus about them. This raises much controversy and large fears from passing laws which do not guarantee the rights and freedoms and do not ensure the freedom and independence of civil work.

 El-Sadat noted that according to the assertions of the President, these laws won't be passed by the Shura Council with its present form except in the presence of a new elected parliament. Such laws were previously drafted under the supervision of the Human Rights Committee, chaired by El-Sadat in previous parliament, and in cooperation with the Social and Religious Affairs Committee, and the Legislative Committee and with the consent of all parties and political powers and in the presence of representatives from the government and civil society organizations.

El-Sadat called the political powers and civil society organizations to strictly make sure that no laws are passed except in the manner that achieves the hopes and aspirations of the Egyptians and all the political and national powers and all those working in the field of civil work and human rights.

 Mostafa Jibreel 
Media Coordinator


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