El-Sadat Calls The President to Hold a Reunion Celebration in Tahrir before The Anniversary of The Revolution

 Anwar El-Sadat (Head of the Reform and Development Party) called President Muhammad Morsi to issue directives to the government for holding a big public celebration, with his presence, in Tahrir Square two or three days before the anniversary of the January-25 revolution for a reunion between all the Egyptians and for sharing their feelings as the president of all the Egyptians.

El-Sadat pointed out that the society rift is clear and going by the anniversary of the revolution while we are in this unfortunate state and with this confused political scene calls the president to come out just as he did in his first speeches in Tahrir square to show us the reality of things and what we did so far to achieve the objectives of this revolution.

El-Sadat confirmed that the two-year anniversary may not be a celebration and will probably just be a form of protests and there might be difficult confrontations between the supporters and opponents of the President and Egypt which cannot be tolerated. Hence, the president and his government have to come out and explain to the people what the "revolution is" and the truth of what we are going through to reunite all the Egyptians and prevent any further blood spill.

 El- Sadat had presented to the President his amendments to the articles of the Constitution, at the request of the President, who wants to study them in response to the public call and after calling for a national dialogue related to these articles.

Mostafa Jibreel 
 Media Coordinator


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