A Message to the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Office

Gentlemen of the MB Guidance Office..., 

You know quite well that you are responsible for what is happening in Egypt right now. Ever since the very first days of the transition you have taken the path of an exclusionary and opportunistic policy that exceeded all limits.

You marginalized everyone and kept them away from real participation in the construction of their country including the president-elect himself by demonstrating to everyone that he has no rule over anything nor does he have any decisions in his hands.

You have spoiled a serious national dialogue that he was sponsoring and you tried to forcibly change the social pattern of Egypt and the result was what the whole world saw yesterday on the second anniversary of the January-25 revolution.

The world saw the youth of the Egyptian intellectuals and educated denying the law and taking up arms against their fellow citizens, blocking roads, burning facilities and breaking into buildings in nothing less than an uprising of anger. What started yesterday as a limited burning series will evolve tomorrow into a state of bombing and Iraq is the clearest example we have. This is really the final warning that you should deal with in full attention.

 On the other hand, you have strongly succeeded in showing the worst example for the rule of the Islamic trends and you lost your credibility among many even those who had sympathized with you. All of this hampers the basis of the activity of the group and its inherent goal of propagating Islam. I remind you here of the prayer of Prophet Ibrahim to Allah when he said, "Our Lord, do not make us a temptation for the disbelievers." Gentlemen, the MB has become a major sedition and its performed showed how far it is from the real religion and it high morals. What we saw was nothing but lies, hypocrisy and dishonesty and breach of covenants.

 So if you want to achieve any reform you had better start with yourselves "and make a brave decision that would bring victory to Islam and its values", and eliminate the strife raging among the Egyptians.

 Take a decision to "dissolve the Muslims Brotherhood" and confine your political practices only to the Freedom and Justice Party and at the same time establish a preaching and spiritual institution to carry out that task of calling people to Islam. This decision will be enough to calm down the street and it will be the start of a new page with everyone. Finally, take your hands off the president-elect and leave him to carry on his duties as the president for all the Egyptians."

May Allah help us all.
Anwar El-Sadat
Head of the Reform & Development Party


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