El-Sadat: The NGOs bill violates freedom of practice and association, and I call on the president to delay it

Anwar El-Sadat (board member of the General Federation of NGOs and member of the Constitution's Constituent Assembly) expressed his partial and total objection on the NGOs bill, proposed by the current government, demanding President Muhammad Morsy to postpone it and not to issue it since it violates the freedom of association and restricts the establishment of civil associations and institutions and their activities. Beside that it does not take into account at all the growing role played by the civil society and the inevitability of its participation in any future amendment to the NGOs bill, as an essential and important part in the development process of Egypt.

El-Sadat expressed his surprise at the issuance of this important and crucial bill by the government at this time and before the finalization of the draft constitution, which is nearing completion, stressing that the provisions of the bill completely violate what was completed within the Constituent Assembly.

El-Sadat also condemned the dissolution and freezing of Al-Nahda Al-Rifeya Association (Rural Development) in Shebin El-Kom, Menoufia through an administrative decision from the government demanding to start an urgent investigation in this matter. The Human Rights Committee in the former People's Assembly (which was headed by El-Sadat) had conducted several listening sessions for civil society organizations and conducted some workshops in accordance with the Ministry of Insurance and Social Affairs to come out with a draft law guaranteeing freedom of association and free exercise of civil work in conformity with the law.

Mostafa Jibreel
 Media Coordinator


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