This is Abud Al-Zomor and not the Caliph Al-Faruk Omar

We are now at a time when our Egyptian media is trying to restore its lost credibility and start changing its dialogue towards being objective, honest and belonging to the Egyptian people by expressing their hopes, pains and ambitions. At such times we are still seeking media symbols and professionals who would match the spirit of the moment that is being lived by the Egyptian people.

The Egyptian media has suffered a lot because of the slim margin of freedom they enjoyed in the old times and because of the constant manipulation of the businessmen who owned both the media and the authority. At these old times we gave them every excuse to be compelled by a preset methodology or plan.
But at the present time, what excuse do they have? How can our media acknowledge and hail Abud Al-Zomor like he was a hero knowing that he was one of the culprits who helped and joined in the assassination of the late president Anwar El-Sadat? They didn't even bother the feelings of the millions of Egyptians who were forced to relive this bad memory again brining it so vivid into their minds! Such reactions from many upset Egyptians like myself have triggered me to write these lines.
Abud Al-Zomor has every right to live his freedom after he has completed his sentence as stated by the law and he has every right to be happy with all those who love him. We also wish for the law and justice to always prevail no matter what but it is wrong to have the newspapers and TV compete into welcoming him just so they could have some media hit! This is no content for media stunts! The man is neither a hero nor a conqueror so the feelings of a big spectrum of Egyptians should be respected specially when such actions would hurt them and bring back some bad memories.

From the very same logic the media seems to be presenting the issue of the constitutional amendments that will be subject to public referendum next March 19th. The media is competing to present the visions and the opinions of all the powers and all the Muslim brotherhood members who agree with the amendments as a whole and who are calling everyone to accept them rather than showing the whole broad spectrum of those who disagree as well.
Although I personally agree and accept the constitutional amendments with some reservations but the way the media deals with it made me and many others who agree with me so much in doubt from what could be cooking behind this media momentum. I have many things to fear amongst which I fear most paving the way for the brotherhood to come into power after many obstacles have been removed from their way now by the fall of the old regime.
The stand of the media from both cases made a lot of Muslims and Christians (alike) fall under the expression that the political arena in Egypt is being headed by the brotherhood or the salafis noting that neither of us wish for this to happen at such critical times we're going through when all we need is some peace and quiet so we could rebuild our country on strong foundation.

I like the Muslim brotherhood and I respect them. I also have no fears from them because they are present in the political arena as much as they also have their presence in the society. I also respect their freedom to practice their political rights as being a strong and effective social body still I don't mean to underestimate Abud Al-Zomor. I just want to express the fact that along with many other Egyptians we were all enraged by the incorrect handling of the media for both issues at a time when we do need a media that would respect our feelings rather than reverting back to an old media that lacked every kind of reliability and credibility.

Anwar Esmat El-Sadat
Founders' Representative


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