Returning the money does not mean we drop the trial. I say NO to splitting the unity of the Egyptians... El-Sadat

In one sweeping surprise Anwar Esmat El-Sadat (Founders' representative of the Reform and Development Party), revealed the fact that some of the high ranking national powers are presently discussing among themselves the possibility of sending a delegation of the revolution's youth to Sharm El-Sheikh to meet with the ousted president Hosny Mubarak and his family in an attempt to reach a radical solution about returning the Egyptian people's money after guaranteeing to the Mubaraks that they won't stand a fair trial.

El-Sadat pointed out that although this has not been yet decided but returning the money that was embezzled by the Mubaraks to the people of Egypt does not mean we drop the right to have them face a fair trial for all the crimes they did against the people. He asserted the importance of unifying the word of the Egyptians at this critical moment that the country is facing by blocking the way of any rumors or strife that could split the unity of this people.


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