El-Sadat's initiative with the army, the police and the youth of the revolution towards restoring security promptly

In a good initiative arising from a sense of patriotic responsibility and in response to an invitation that was extended yesterday evening by Anwar Esmat El-Sadat (Founders' representative of the Reform and Development Party), to a group of top ranking officers from the ministry of interior, some military officers, some security experts along with a group of the 25th of January revolution youth, all parties have gathered with the purpose of identifying ways by which to restore safety to the streets of Egypt in response to the ongoing state of security laxity that brought the thugs and outlaws into the streets of Egypt these days.

From his side, El-Sadat asserted that as a first priority the meeting took into concern finding instant ways to cure all the causes that lead to the absence of all the police figures from the streets whether officers or personnel, thus preventing them from carrying on their roles in apprehending the thugs and outlaws. He further stressed the importance of restructuring the body of the police department under the motto, "The people and the police in the service of the state". He asked for reconsidering the curriculums that are studied at the faculty and stressed the importance of injecting new blood into the police department in order to give way for the youth to have more effective roles reflected by respectful thinking and new methodologies.

El-Sadat added that this critical stage calls for combining forces and efforts to regain trust between all parties and he further asserted that in the very near future all the police figures will be back in the streets again with intensive patrols to restore safety and security once more to the whole of Egypt.


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