Water Campaign

Along with the latest unforeseen developments of the Water crisis between Egypt and the Nile Basin countries, especially post the most recent threats fired by parliamentarians from Tanzania and Kenya to litigate Egypt before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) concerning the treaty distributing the Nile water quota for Egypt.

Our Water …our life campaign asserts full consolidation with the Egyptian government stance regarding the Egyptian veto towards redistributing Egypt's share of water. The campaign asserts Egypt's legal situation and that international treaties should be treated as international borders – it can not be changed without the approval of all concerned parties.

The campaign avows to take the following procedures:

1. Preparing for creating a team of international lawyers for consultation and defending Egypt's rights in case the Nile Basin countries come to litigate Egypt internationally.

2. Submitting notes of protest for both the Embassy of Tanzania and Kenya in Egypt. The campaign will request them to give a clarification to their stances regarding statements given by officials and parliamentarians, in addition to, submitting notes of protest to the African Union (AU) and the Pan-African Parliament as they will be requested to give a clarification to their stance and their commitment to international legitimacy, covenants, and laws. and,
3. Calling on a convention to gather all parties, syndicates, and civil society associations in order to discuss Nile Basin countries share of water treaties, as well as seeking new means of supporting the Egyptian government, plus conducting an awareness program for rationalizing the consumption of water in Egypt.
From this point on, the campaign re-calls for dealing with the water resources available more seriously through projects proposed by the campaign in different fields.

Anwar Esmat El Sadat
Founders Representative of
Reform and Development Party
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