" participatory legislation forum" discusses the new law of Psychological Health

Over a two-day the forum of legislation participated in a discussion, which was organized by the Cairo Center for Civic Education & Development, with the sponsorship of the Organization of Konrad Adenauer. The discussion outlined a new law of Psychological Health and the Ministry of Health plans to submit the new law by the Parliament soon.

The conference began with screening a documentary of Mahmoud al-Tamimi, the one who prepares for El Bait Baitak. This documentary clarifies how the psychological patients suffer in the streets and the deteriorating condition they undergo in the governmental hospitals such as El Khanka, moreover, the non-observance of their rights and the unpleasant negligence from some doctors and the nursing team.

The discussions started with the speech of Dr. Nasser Lozza deputy of the Ministry of Health, about the subjects of the new law. He referred that this law mainly concerns the rights of the patients, as it is unacceptable to detain the citizens for three days against their will, when it is just a doubt that they are psychologically ill. If the medical committee could not prove that those citizens are dangerous, so it is a must to set them free immediately. In case of an immediate proof of them being dangerous, the detention is renewed through the medical committee, which is taking place gradually, starting from three months depending on the status of the patient and that patient would be released as soon as his health improved.

Some of the audience objected certain subjects of the law and how those subjects are outlined, for example the clause which gives the right to pursue those patients who are abstaining to have medication, medical care and the dangerous ones, as per the new law they are considered out-law.
They added that the law must address the situation of patients in the street and to ensure that they must not be dangerous to the lives of citizens.
Hossam Hassan, a psychiatrist and a member of the health team in the government of youth in the party of reform and development, has affirmed his fear from turning the medical committee for the renewal of the detention of the patients, to a mere routine papers and that would have an impact on the rights of patients in having good care and treatment.

He stressed that the only guarantee is to organize some awareness campaigns to familiarize the citizens with the rights of the psychological patients that such patients can improve their condition and have a normal life.

The workshop concluded its work by Anwar Esmat Sadat's speech, founder representative of Reform and Development Party, about the importance of the community participation in discussing the laws that Parliament is about to submit. He also declared that there are three will be selected from the audience to attend the sessions of hearings at the parliament to discuss the new Psychological Health Law in order to reflect the findings and the recommendations of the Forum.


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